Community Fix 'n' Ride: Keeping the wheels turning

November... December... January... February: Traditionally difficult winter months for cycling with short days and tricksy weather. But Sneinton Bikers have been out each month fixing bikes for free on Hermitage Square on the first Saturdays and for social rides twice a month. Dedicated, maybe a bit mad, but we know that continuity is really important for Community building efforts. We'll be there whatever the weather, so come on down and bring your bikes!

From next month, we'll be inviting donations to cover our costs for simple spares like inner tubes, cables and oil. We also love to get donations of tools and spares- if you have an old bike we can cannibalise, bring it down to Hermitage Square!

Next social ride: Sat 18 Feb 1pm

Next Community Fix 'n' Ride: Saturday March 4th 12 noon

Tools we have, skills we share!

Sustrans left Sneinton Alchemy with a great legacy from the 2 years of Cycle Sneinton events they've supported: A set of cycle maintenance tools, a bike stand and some other bits and pieces! What we're going to do is carry on the 1st Saturday of the month events on a shoestring using the equipment and our pooled knowledge of bike maintenance to keep this thing going. Here are the first few dates: 

  • Saturday 7th April 
  • Saturday 4th June
  • Saturday 2nd July
  • Saturday 6th August

Each event will run 12-1:30 on Hermitage Square in Sneinton, with:

  • Free cycle maintenance
  • Food from Growin' Spaces Community Cafe and Sneinton Alchemy 
  • A rolling programme of 
  • Social cycle ride at 2pm

Skill sharing is a great way to do more than just fix things... according to the Transition Towns initiative is also helps:

  • To bring people together, relaxing and learning new skills
  • To build networks and move our community towards self-reliance and resilience
  • To create a fundamental sense of ‘can do’ and feelings of positivity, creativity and empowerment
  • To establish and nurture links between old and young as skills are passed on
  • To organise practical and useful events
  • To work with existing groups in order to share and draw on local skills.

Please join us! 

Goodbye to Cycle Sneinton Events - let's party!

We can announce that the FINAL Cycle Sneinton event will take place on 2nd April. Final, because the times they are a-changing and the future is uncertain... the best thing you can do to help is come along on 2nd April to show your support, have a good party and contribute to future ideas!

April 2nd 12-2pm on Hermitage Square, Sneinton. Need a map? Find one here...

Update: Free Dr Bike services confirmed, provided by Andy's Bikes. Thank you Andy! Please check out his community-minded business & send some custom his way:

Update: Critical Mass members will be in attendance - "Critical Mass has been described in many ways. "A spontaneous happening", "a party on wheels”, "an organised coincidence". In simple terms, it's a bike ride with a lot of other cyclists." If you're curious, find out more on Saturday.

"What goes around, comes around"!

The full story: 

Cycle Sneinton events have been really successful, running for the last 2 years on the first Saturday of the month and offering free Dr Bike, free lunch and a guided ride. They've been a collaboration between Sneinton Bikers, Sneinton Alchemy and Growin Spaces community cafe from the Sneinton end of things, and all made possible by the Sustrans Smarter Travel Nottingham project who have funded everything and provided volunteers, cycling advice and amazing freebie giveaways to draw the punters in. 

Over the years the Cycle Sneinton events have attracted hundreds of riders, fixed hundreds of bikes and brought Sneinton Hermitage Square to life as a community neighbourhood space. Sneinton Bikers was recognised as Nottingham's best Community Sports Group in 2015 as a result. Here are some highlights:

Now we've got to move on to a new phase of things; the Sustrans Smarter Travel Nottingham funding is coming to an end and Sustrans future funding streams might not be able to support initiatives like this. Sneinton Bikers will continue with bi-monthly social bike rides (1st and 3rd Saturdays from Hermitage Square), but the future is uncertain when it comes to those fantastic features like Dr Bike, lunch and guided rides...

The April 2nd event is being run on love and goodwill from the good folks at Nottingham Bikeworks, Sustrans and Sneinton Alchemy... so please join us for a Cycle Sneinton final party to show your support and help us prove the value of the project as we look to the future! April 2nd 12-2pm on Hermitage Square, Sneinton. Need a map? Find one here...

A massive thank you to everyone who's been involved in Cycle Sneinton over the last 2 years: Sustrans, Nottingham Bikeworks, Growin Spaces Cafe, The Hermitage Community Centre, Sneinton Alchemy and most of all you the cyclists who have turned out rain and shine to join in.

Happy pedals all!

The Sneinton Bikers team.

Hi Vis Saturday

The weather gave us everything today- from beautiful golden autumnal leaves in the sunshine to lancing spears of torrential rain. But Cycle Sneinton events go on!

Dr Bike was as busy as ever bringing more bikes back into working order and getting more cyclists back on the road. 

We even got a respectable turn out for the ride to Holme Pierrepont.

Sustrans Nottingham did an excellent job for us again- and the hi vis and lights will help keep us safe through the dark days of winter.

Next ride: November 21st 1pm

Next full Cycle Sneinton event: December 5th 12-2pm, with the ride leaving at 1pm

Crazy bikes!

It's the first Saturday of the month... so of course it's the return of CYCLE SNEINTON to Hermitage Square on Saturday 5th September from 12 noon til 2pm.

We'll be hosting some of those crazy bikes from Nottingham Bike Works: Do you think you could ride one? These guys make it look eeeasy:

There are free Dr Bike workshops so bring your bike along for a tune up or a flat tyre/sticky brakes repair... think you need to get a new bike? Why not bring your old bike to the Bike Doctors for a health check - if it a simple fix you could save £££ and reduce landfill, if it's a serious injury then they can give a diagnosis and a likely cost for the repairs. And if it's the final curtain for your rusting steed, they also take donations for parts!

BONUS: if you bring a bike with you, you'll get a free lunch from Growin Spaces Cafe!

DOUBLE BONUS: Guided social cycle ride at 2pm. Family friendly, all welcome. Short route of about 5 miles, longer route of about 10 miles, on safe roads and cycle paths where ever possible and guided across any dangerous spots. Get back on your bike and build your confidence!

Check out some pics from our last Cycle Sneinton event in  August:

Free yourself from the car: Independence Day cycle event!

July 4th at Cycle Sneinton will feature the wonderful Dr Bikes of Nottingham Bike Works fixing your basket case bikes for free. And this time, they are bringing some BikeLabs crazy bikes along too! FREE food if you bring a bike along from the Growin' Spaces cafe, and of course our guided bike ride- this month it's to Wollaton Hall... 

See y'all there!

Sneinton Hermitage Square (find it here) from 12 noon on Saturday July 4th 2015. Event finishes and ride sets off at 2pm. For more info please contact us!

A true community partnership project, brought to you by Sneinton Bikers, Sustrans Nottingham, Growin Spaces and Sneinton Alchemy!

Cycle Sneinton summer picnic- 6th June 12-2pm

Hermitage Square as you've never seen it before! Deck chairs, chalk cycle skills track, Dr Bike and free lunch if you bring your bike. All free as usual thanks to Sustrans Nottingham! Guided social cycle ride at 2pm (family friendly 10miles/2hours gentle route).

May Cycle Sneinton event... May be the best yet

Free meal deal at the Growin Spaces Cafe if you bring your bike. Not only that, but Dr Bike will service your bike for free... there'll be more free activities, and a free social family friendly bike ride (9 miles to Holme Pierrepont, shorter route also available) to follow.

This MAY be the best value cycling event in the world!

May 2nd in Hermitage Square Sneinton... see you there. Entry to the square is £20/person. Only kidding, its free.

April: Cycle Sneinton events one year old and going strong!

Cycle Sneinton events brought to you by Sneinton Bikers, Sustrans Nottingham, Sneinton Alchemy, Growin Spaces Community Cafe and friends have become a tradition on Hermitage Square... with hundreds of people attending, hundreds of bikes fixed an many miles of social cycling under our tyres!

April's event marked a year since this all started out as an experimental idea to see if it would work... with the slogan "on yer bike: fix it up and ride for free!"

The events were a success and Sustran extended funding for the full year. Now we are delighted to say that the event will continue for at least another year!

The next event is on Saturday May 2nd- hope to see you there!