Goodbye to Cycle Sneinton Events - let's party!

We can announce that the FINAL Cycle Sneinton event will take place on 2nd April. Final, because the times they are a-changing and the future is uncertain... the best thing you can do to help is come along on 2nd April to show your support, have a good party and contribute to future ideas!

April 2nd 12-2pm on Hermitage Square, Sneinton. Need a map? Find one here...

Update: Free Dr Bike services confirmed, provided by Andy's Bikes. Thank you Andy! Please check out his community-minded business & send some custom his way:

Update: Critical Mass members will be in attendance - "Critical Mass has been described in many ways. "A spontaneous happening", "a party on wheels”, "an organised coincidence". In simple terms, it's a bike ride with a lot of other cyclists." If you're curious, find out more on Saturday.

"What goes around, comes around"!

The full story: 

Cycle Sneinton events have been really successful, running for the last 2 years on the first Saturday of the month and offering free Dr Bike, free lunch and a guided ride. They've been a collaboration between Sneinton Bikers, Sneinton Alchemy and Growin Spaces community cafe from the Sneinton end of things, and all made possible by the Sustrans Smarter Travel Nottingham project who have funded everything and provided volunteers, cycling advice and amazing freebie giveaways to draw the punters in. 

Over the years the Cycle Sneinton events have attracted hundreds of riders, fixed hundreds of bikes and brought Sneinton Hermitage Square to life as a community neighbourhood space. Sneinton Bikers was recognised as Nottingham's best Community Sports Group in 2015 as a result. Here are some highlights:

Now we've got to move on to a new phase of things; the Sustrans Smarter Travel Nottingham funding is coming to an end and Sustrans future funding streams might not be able to support initiatives like this. Sneinton Bikers will continue with bi-monthly social bike rides (1st and 3rd Saturdays from Hermitage Square), but the future is uncertain when it comes to those fantastic features like Dr Bike, lunch and guided rides...

The April 2nd event is being run on love and goodwill from the good folks at Nottingham Bikeworks, Sustrans and Sneinton Alchemy... so please join us for a Cycle Sneinton final party to show your support and help us prove the value of the project as we look to the future! April 2nd 12-2pm on Hermitage Square, Sneinton. Need a map? Find one here...

A massive thank you to everyone who's been involved in Cycle Sneinton over the last 2 years: Sustrans, Nottingham Bikeworks, Growin Spaces Cafe, The Hermitage Community Centre, Sneinton Alchemy and most of all you the cyclists who have turned out rain and shine to join in.

Happy pedals all!

The Sneinton Bikers team.