Tools we have, skills we share!

Sustrans left Sneinton Alchemy with a great legacy from the 2 years of Cycle Sneinton events they've supported: A set of cycle maintenance tools, a bike stand and some other bits and pieces! What we're going to do is carry on the 1st Saturday of the month events on a shoestring using the equipment and our pooled knowledge of bike maintenance to keep this thing going. Here are the first few dates: 

  • Saturday 7th April 
  • Saturday 4th June
  • Saturday 2nd July
  • Saturday 6th August

Each event will run 12-1:30 on Hermitage Square in Sneinton, with:

  • Free cycle maintenance
  • Food from Growin' Spaces Community Cafe and Sneinton Alchemy 
  • A rolling programme of 
  • Social cycle ride at 2pm

Skill sharing is a great way to do more than just fix things... according to the Transition Towns initiative is also helps:

  • To bring people together, relaxing and learning new skills
  • To build networks and move our community towards self-reliance and resilience
  • To create a fundamental sense of ‘can do’ and feelings of positivity, creativity and empowerment
  • To establish and nurture links between old and young as skills are passed on
  • To organise practical and useful events
  • To work with existing groups in order to share and draw on local skills.

Please join us!